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Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 2+ years in the wild!

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Travel & Tourism

Our passion to travel and tourism has a unique approach. We aim to give the most out of our service to our customers.

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Sustainable Travel

Our main destination is nature. We exist if nature exists. The world exists if nature exists. Therefore we try to protect and develop the touristic routes to allow the best use of it.

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Mission & Values

We value the communication with our customers. Understanding their needs is a roadmap for us. Offering the best and unique service to our customers is a long term goal for us.

About Nukha

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

When we were established and what we offer

Nukha was established in 2018 as an outdoor adventure company. It has been organising hiking, camping tours since then. We do also organise diffrent kinds of adventure tours such as horseback riding, fishing, zipline, safari tours etc. Since the time we founded our company we have been aiming to the best on the technology side offering the best service to our customers. Indeed we are the first and only adventure tour company in the country having a website and applying an online payment system.

Our customer relationship

We love nature and our approach is not only from business perspective but from the ecology point of view as well. We do pay importance to communication with our customers and maintaining a long term relationship with our tour attendies is crucial for us.

Horseback riding

Azerbaijan is a country of mountains. There are lots of mountainious places and villages to discover. There are also lakes and authentic places on the mountains which less people are…

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing support for all!

Guides are one of the most important pillars of our work. We understand that not everybody is ready for different physical and emotional situations in nature. Our guides are always there to help, support and give the best of assistance in any situation.
We are not going to let anybody feel helpless and under psycological pressure. One for all, all for one!!

``Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
Eco Adventures

We offer various opportunities to discover hidden nature and explore authentic travel destinations.  

National parks

Our tours include some of the biggest national parks of the country with many hiking and trekking routes.

Explore local families

Our services include opportunities to discover life styles of local families and be part of it for several days.

Experienced guides

Our guides have a long term experience in nature trips and mountaineering having led many groups successfully.


We don't know how the time passes on the road to and back as we are usually busy with playing games, singing songs etc.


We keep close ties with technology having applied it in all our services, including website and online payment.

Culture & History

We consider trips to historical and ancient places when it is possible to make our tour attendees more informed.


We play outdoor games with the groups such as voleyball, football when the break are is suitable for it.


Companies and services we offer in adventure tourism!